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Pre-Auction Parties

2023 Pre-Auction Parties

What are Pre-Auction parties? Great question! These are back-to-school gatherings at a grade level that raise funds to underwrite your children's grade-sponsored auction packages, and the Parish party will be underwriting an amazing trip to Sonoma. Donations are always optional but encouraged. All monies raised fund these gift packages; any surplus will go to Fund-A-Need.

(click on party icons for details)

Cowboy Items

YCC  Party

Date:  September 21st

Gift: Christmas Magic

Cowboy and Wild Horses

2nd Grade Party

Date: September 16th

Gift: Wellness Package

boots bling.jpg

Kindergarten Party

Date: September 22nd

Gift: Flowers for a Year


3rd Grade Party

Date: August 19th

Gift: Ultimate Sleepover Package & Bounce House

Image by Karsten Winegeart

1st Grade Party

Date: September 8th

Gift: Clairvaux Shopping Day

party 2.JPG

4th Grade Party

Date: September 17th

Gift: Charcuterie Class &  Wine by Cellar & Scout


5th Grade Party

Date:  September 8th

Gift: Meta Quest 2 & accessories

fall party.JPG

6th Grade Party

Date:  August 26th

Gift: Pair of GoTrax Scooters


7th Grade Party

Date: August 25th

Gift: Photography package  &  Minted gift card


8th Grade Party

Date:  September 15th

Gift: Barley Bus (brewery & distillery tour)


Parish Party

Date:  September 8th

Gift: Inspirato 3 night Sonoma trip

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