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Raffle Tickets

Tickets, Get your Tickets!

Sale starts September 5th

The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket is our premier raffle! If you win, you get the opportunity to pick from one of EIGHT premier items! We only sell 100, so buy these ASAP! $100/ticket, must be present to win. This years items are:

1. Sonoma Trip
2. Airbnb in the Village
3. Set of New Tires and an Annual Car Wash Membership to Tidal Wave
4. T&C European/Continental Hunt
5. Plaza Hotel Lighting & Wine (@Rafael Hotel)
6. Bubbles & Botox Party
7. KU Ball Boy/Girl for 2
8. Colbert Hills Golf trip

Tiger Tickets

Tiger Tickets are a cash raffle, with a chance to win $250, $500 or $1,000! Final drawing will be the night of the festival, October 6th. When 250 tickets are sold, the entire school will win a dress down day! And if we sell 300 tickets, the school and YCC will win a popsicle party! Unlimited tickets will be sold, $30/ticket.

Hot Lunch for a Year

New in 2023, the Hot Lunch for a Year raffle offers the chance to win hot school lunch for the remainder of the 2023/24 school year for one child. This does not include Spirit Day pizza or My Hot Lunchbox meals. Unlimited tickets will be sold, $25/ticket.

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