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Meet the Auction Committee

  • Fall Festival Chairs: Elizabeth Beerman & Angela Evangelidis

  • Premier Auction Chairs: Elizabeth McDole & Ali Begnaud

  • Silent Auction Chairs:  Christine Tarwater, Darcy Cowan & Claire Arkin

  • Silent Auction Team: Drea Kopolous, Robyn Wagner, Kathryn Carnahan

  • Party Center Chairs: Leeze Gaudreau & Ali Panos

  • Pre-Auction Party & Gathering Gift Chairs: Leah Alfonsin & Molly Pfannenstiel

  • BidPal Chairs: Melissa Santos & Dana Lisson

  • End-of-Year Party Chairs: Meredith Mays & Megan Payne

  • Event Planning Chairs: Janea Blake, Liz Krsnich & Heather Rosburg

  • Decor Chairs: Emmie Cohen, Molly Johnson, Brittany Bloom & Jill Crawford

  • Class Project Chairs: Jessica Wertzberger, Kristen Beerman & Lindsay Baker

  • Teacher Experience Chair: Jessica Roth

  • Student Photography Chair: Mindy Gunter

  • Swag Center Chair: Alissa Jackson

  • Graphic Design: Jonny Arkin

  • Marketing & Communications: Michaela Comstock

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