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Fun Fact

  The YCC building used to be a convent which housed 14 Sisters of

Charity of Leavenworth. 


Fun Fact:
The YCC used to be a convent which housed
14 Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

  • How do I register for the Fall Festival?
    There are 2 easy ways to register on BidPal: 1. Login on your computer using the website BidPal One 2. Text stannff23 to 243-725 for a direct link to the website **Tickets not available yet
  • How do I bid, and where do I pick up items?
    Bidding and Rules: All item bidding, precluding Live Auction items: Once registered, you can bid for any item in the auction via computer or smartphone at BidPal One. Each minimum increase in bid is already set for you. Please Note: A bid is valid regardless of error by the bidder in entering the item number or amount. If you notice you’ve made a bid in error, you must go contact a member of the BidPal Team immediately (and before the auction closes) to have your bid rescinded. Live Auction Bidding & Fund-A-Need (Raise the Paddle): The live auction will be held in the gymnasium, beginning at 8:00 pm on October 4th. Use your paddle (provided at registration) to bid during the live auction. If you win an item, the BidPal Team will provide your information to the check-out team so you can complete your purchase through BidPal One. Auction "Fine Print" All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds are possible. Payment in full is due upon check-out and before items can be collected. All items and services must be used by the date specified. Please honor the terms and conditions of any item you buy. For items purchased by a group of bidders, we can accommodate guests wanting to split the cost of an auction item by splitting the payment at check-out. Items should be collected from the Parish Hall at the following times:
  • Can I bid on items even if I don't attend the event on October 4th?
    Yes, you absolutely can and we encourage it! Please see the above section on how to set up BidPal One
  • I would prefer not to donate online in BidPal - is there another way to give?
    Absolutely! If you would prefer to give via check or grant, please mail checks to the Parish office at: 7231 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS 66208. Please make sure you denote where you would like your donation directed to in the check "memo" line - either the Fund-A-Need project or the general underwriting fund (donations are split between the Endowment fund, Church and School operations).
  • What are the different kinds of Auction items?
    Great question! There is something for everyone! Live Auction: These are top-tier items that will be revealed and bid on during the night of the auction. Premier Auction: These are high-end ticket items such as hard-to-find experiences and valuable sports memorabilia. Silent Auction: These are smaller value items that pack a big punch! We have weekend getaways, gift cards, items from your favorite local vendors, kids packages, items for your home, beauty and more! 2025 VIP Tables: Back by popular demand! 3 VIP tables consisting of reserved front-row tables with seating for 10, elevated decor, premium liquor offering and exclusive pre-event Happy Hour in the Sipping Saloon. The BidPal team will reach out to VIP Table winners to obtain their attendee list. Party Center: Fixed-price parties for both kids and adults which are designed to be fun, social get-togethers with your friends and a wonderful way to make new friends! These parties happen throughout the year and sell out VERY quickly. These will open for preview on TBD, so coordinate with your friends ahead of time to determine which ones you want to buy. Party Center will open at noon on TBD. End-of-Year Parties: These parties are for students and take place on the last day of school and cost $35. These parties are to celebrate the end of a fun year. The cost is underwritten by the host families. We encourage everyone to purchase these! Pre-Auction Parties: These parent parties take place in August and September, and the purpose is to underwrite 4 large gift packages "Gathering Gifts" to be sold in the auction. These are parent-sponsored gifts. You can donate to these at your party or via BidPal. Class Projects: Each grade has a themed art project that each child creates at school. All projects are available for $35. Your child has worked hard to create something special for you, so keep your eyes peeled for these treasured items! Christopher Smith photos: Christopher is a wonderful local photographer who donates his time and takes memorable black-and-white photos of each child. These are available for purchase for $35. Also available: digital download option! Swag Shop: Your one-stop-shop for all things St. Ann! We have unique items from both national and local vendors that allow you to show your Tiger pride at all times! Raffles: This year, we have 3 exciting raffles: Golden Ticket: For $100, you can purchase the chance to have your pick of one of our top Premier items. Only 100 tickets are sold, so you won't want to miss out on this one! Teacher Experiences: These are fun experiences sponsored by our wonderful staff. Each teacher and even administrators have one experience up for bid, think... "Principal for a Morning". The kids LOVE these so be on the lookout for your teacher's item and place a bid!
  • I'm new here, what are the things I should purchase for my kids?
    First of all, welcome! We are so happy to have you in our community! As a parent we highly recommend buying: *End-of-Year class party for each of your children ($35/each) *Christopher Smith photos for each of your children ($35/each) *Art project for each of your children ($35/each) *If you have a Second Grader, the Rosary Making Party and *Mother/Daughter 1st Communion Tea *If you are able, donate a nominal amount to your child's Pre-Auction Party/Gathering Gift fund
  • What are the Pre-Auction Parties, and should I attend?
    Let's start with the easy answer first - YES you should attend! Pre-Auction parties are parent-parties held in August and September for each grade, hosted by a group of parents in the respective grade. These parties are meant to be fun gatherings to kick off the year, see old friends, meet new ones and raise money for 4 fantastic Premier auction items. Donations are not required but encouraged to assist in underwriting the one-of-a-kind gifts. You can donate via BidPal One.
  • How are the proceeds allocated?
    We figured you would ask, so here is your answer -- ALL funds raised by the Fall Festival remain within the parish. Funds raised via the "Fund-A-Need" go towards the designated project for 2024. All other funds raised from auction proceeds and individual donations have 10% directed to the Endowment Fund, and the remaining funds are split between the Church (25%) and School (75%). Below is the 2023 financial breakout of funds raised and how they were allocated:
  • Can I help?
    YES! There are many ways to help with the Fall Festival: Give your time: We need volunteers for all aspects of the event - set up, tear down, clean up. A Sign-Up Genius will be provided closer to the event date. Donate an item: If you have an item, service or experience you would like to donate, please contact us at: Host a party: If you are interested in helping to host/underwrite a party for Party Center, Pre-Auction or the End-of-Year kids' party, please contact us at:

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